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Exciting News: BACALLI Acquires Nomberry, Inviting in an Era of Elegance

In a world where luxury and sustainability converge, change is not just anticipated, it’s celebrated. Today, we’re excited to share a transformative milestone in our journey. Nomberry, your trusted destination for luxury preloved treasures, is entering a new era as we become BACALLI. This transition represents more than a name change; it’s a commitment to elevating your experience in the world of luxury preloved fashion.

The Dawn of a Luxurious Future:

Nomberry began with a vision to revolutionize luxury preloved shopping. We’ve built a community where elegance meets eco-consciousness, and where every item tells a story of timeless style. As we evolve into BACALLI, our founding ethos remains, now amplified by a broader vision and unparalleled expertise in luxury retail.

BACALLI, renowned for its dedication to upscale sophistication and sustainability, aligns seamlessly with our values. This merger is a powerful alliance that promises to redefine luxury preloved shopping.

What This Means for Our Esteemed Clients:

  1. Uninterrupted Luxury Experience: The transition to BACALLI will be as seamless as the quality of our products. Continue to indulge in our curated collection of preloved luxury items, now under a new name that speaks volumes in the world of high-end fashion.
  2. Account and Order Continuity: Rest assured, your journey with us remains uninterrupted. Your existing account details and login credentials stay the same, ensuring a smooth transition. All previous purchases and orders with Nomberry will be honored and processed under BACALLI’s exceptional service standards.
  3. Enhanced Selection of Luxuries: With BACALLI, anticipate an expanded collection of preloved luxury items, each authenticated and handpicked to meet your discerning tastes. Our commitment to sustainability and luxury remains unwavering, now with an even more extensive array of choices.

Looking Forward with Anticipation:

As we embrace our new identity as BACALLI, we carry forward Nomberry’s legacy of sustainable luxury. This evolution marks not just a change in name, but a renewed promise to deliver an unparalleled shopping experience.

We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter. Stay connected for updates and unveilings of exclusive luxury collections and services that continue to define the essence of sustainable elegance.